Quarterly Member FAQs

Please note, at this time point accumulation is not visible online. If you wish to know your point balance or use any points for your next purchase please call Sarah at 250-498-4435 or email sarah@hestercreek.com. We will be keeping track of all point balances at the winery.
  1. Which package did I sign up for?

    To find out, sign in with your email address and password and click on ‘Account’. Under your Subscriptions it will show your membership type.
  2. Can I switch membership types?

    You are able to switch between membership types but availability is limited and the package contents may change to accommodate adjustments. We process payments for recurring orders seven days before shipping, so please switch by the corresponding date.
  3. What wines will be in my shipment?

    The wines will be specially selected for you by our Winemaker and focus on seasonality. We will also release our Bench Club only wine-Terra Unica, meaning unique earth! We will release a small batch red and white every year and share them with our subscription guests. Each vintage will produce less than 150 cases and be a unique offering for our Bench Club members. As well, our red and mixed packages will include limited-release library reds annually, as inventory permits. The wines for each package are determined just prior to each mail out and will be listed in the pre-shipment newsletter as well as on the subscription page.
  4. Can I choose the wines for my shipment?

    The wines are chosen by our Winemaker just prior to each shipment. We uphold our promise to send you the best and most exclusive wines we have to offer. You can also always add on any of your favorites!
  5. When will the next package be shipped?

    The pre-shipment newsletter will be sent out one month prior to shipping. The cut-off date for changes and updates will be the last day of the month prior to the shipping month. All shipping will commence between the 12th and 15th of shipment months: January, April, July and October. Billing for all shipments will commence seven to ten days prior to shipment.
  6. I will be away during my next shipment, what can I do?

    If you will be away during the time of shipping, you can re-route your shipment to an address that will be able to receive it on your behalf. Simply log in and edit shipping details for current shipment. Alternatively, you can email the Bench Club Manager and request to delay your shipment.
  7. Can I pick up my wine shipment?

    Yes, you are welcome to come see us at the winery. We will hold wine here for three weeks; if you are unable to visit us within that period then we ship the wine to you after that.
  8. Can I change the address my wine is shipped to?

    If you have moved or would like to permanently change your shipping address you can do this by logging in to your account and editing shipping address.
  9. Can I add more wine to my package?

    Absolutely, anytime. Just send an email to sarah@hestercreek.com.
  10. What additional wines are available to me?

    As a Wine Club member you have access to more wines than anyone else. Email sarah@hestercreek.com for a current list of everything available.
  11. When will my credit card be charged?

    Credit cards will be processed seven to ten days prior to shipping. This begins on the 1st of the shipping month.
  12. Can the courier leave my wine on my porch?

    No. At no time can your wine be left unattended. It must be signed for by someone 19 years or older.
  13. Where are my points?

    Points are not visible in your online account, if you wish to use your points or know how many points you have, please email sarah@hestercreek.com
  14. Can I use points for my quarterly packages?

    Yes you can, billing is done seven to ten days prior to your shipment, so make sure to email us prior to the cut-off date and let us know how many points you would like to use.
  15. Do I get a discount on wine?

    As our club is based on a point system, you receive points instead of a discount. This way you can use them for anything you wish!